Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road trip Wed at YA highway

We are on a road trip and the question is .....

Why is it so hot not to finish your dang novel these days.  I don't mean us unpublished people.  I mean the Books that end with a missing chapter! (it's not a cliff hanger if you don't finish it - its not finished)

I just read Hunger Games - I obsessively do love it...don't get me wrong.  But ----

Spoiler alert ------------------------------Stop now if you have not read it.

Ok first of all - she is willing to die for Peeta Bread - then why be mean on the train.
Then I wait all that time to see poor little Prim's joy and it's left out.  I wait all that time to find out if Mom kept her fruitloops and nothing.
 Plot holes.  If Peeta really wanted her to win, all he had to do was hold the knife or go pick it up - she had the will to kill him - bow notched and at his heart as he threw the weapon away.  He would have seen that and given her no option. 
If he got cut in the leg with a sword and stung - how did he get away.  If I have ya down - I am gonna go ahead and stick ya sweetheart - grin. bugs or no bugs.
Peeta didn't eat any berries as he picked them?  strange.

How did he ever hook up with the careers - don't care if he saved her - what did he have they felt was useful - he hadn't even had a conversation with one of them during training.

Nope I loved every moment but looked in horror at the missing last chapter.  Best line of the book - "Are you here to finish me off, sweetheart."  pg. 252 


  1. You know, I feel you on this. The HUnger games was a good series but their was so many plotholes. So many....characters lacking motivation to do what they do.

  2. I don't know what's going on *sighs*. I posted today about a YA book I'd read with dreadful pronoun usage. I don't know how some of this stuff gets published, but it does, it does.

  3. I have noticed more open or cliffhanger endings--I think it has something to do with the trilogy trend. I personally like ambiguous endings, but I think they work best when there is a blend of ambiguity and closure.

  4. No book should end in a cliff hanger. It can, but only if artfully diguised in closure. If they love your characters they will buy the next one. I know that's not the way people are playing anymore but it just irks me. I read the next books first chapter and it jumps forward. Still I don't mind a little cliff but don't rob me of any of the fun stuff.
    Melissa yes It is a tight book as far as excessive desciprtion but I can over look some of it, fill in some of it - but not the whole end.
    Rebecca sure - sell more books but as a reader - give me what I paid for on this one. I love one or two unanswered question but I have read so much lately that just have no end - it has lost a chapter -lol

    Kitty - I agree I hate it when they are tag line skimpy. I understand - not every single one - but I have read things I had to actually count back to see who was speaking. I won't say how fast I read, but that ticks me off. It kicks me out of the story.

    Please understand I am not just bashing one book - I mean "Gone with the Wind" is the classic hanging end, its fine. I just see certian styles becoming the only correct style and its off to me. Start with exploding vampires that you won't see again until the middle of the story - I have a version of mine there now to allign with the literary fashion - few tags and almost at the end just stop typing - Blech
    You should cry at the end of a book - in pain, joy, sorrow, or giggles - and it should wrap to your first chapter in some small connective way.

    Ahh well forgive me for complaining, I killed a vampire today and he's kinda missed already - course he's showing back up in book five but right now the doorknob is a doornail, And main chicky is ticked at pro-antagonist, while she is changing in each book and getting colder. On book four but been dreading writing the death -on three - first book with sad ending. Gonna push thru tonight and give it the end I know it has - I can't save Mad Malcolm - hehe - yet. The little editors are gonna be soooooo pizzed at cave mommy!

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  6. I had this problem with Crescendo. When I got to the end, I yelled "you cheated!" because of the cliffhanger ending.

  7. Hey, girl, I chased that button, too, and know how you followed yourself...cause I did the same frustrating! Think if you go back to your main blog page and to your sidebar on that page where there is the group of pics you'll see Sign in at the bottom. This is where you have to open and follow to open for url.

    You can't do this from your profile page (or you'll follow yourself,) you've gotta be on your main blog page. (As was told to me, and it worked!) Good Luck! (I KNOW how you feel!!)

  8. I had to stop after the spoiler alert, lol. I know what you mean though. I like just ending it where the current storyline ends and another one has the possibility of picking up. Some people have hated me for it, lol.

    New follower. :)

  9. Ok I just finished two - and honestly without giving anything away - the end has another cliff - BUT it does not have a missing last chapter. Huge thing - hard to explain without ruining. I guess it is just a satisfaction level to me. Yes there are many hanging questions - unresolved heartstopping angst - but it was not the same - 'wait a minute - are you kidding me' feeling.
    I like Two better even than one - even though I still stand by the my "book is defective" theory on one. I still want to see just a few closes that were either cut out or not intended to be included.
    Two did not fix them for the most part. But I think two is much more covertly complex. Which is my happy place when reading.

    Best line of two -
    page 234 -
    when discussing what all will do to impress the game makers....
    "There's alot of kidding about it at lunch. What we might do. Sing, dance, strip, tell jokes. Mags, who I can understand a little better now, decides she's just going to take a nap."

    Love it!

  10. Book #3 - Mockingjay

    Well - my view of the end will make people unhappy. I am not in any way being critical of the artistic elements of these books. I recommend them - I adore them - I may read them a second time! (the uber complement from me)

    (hand me a book I read 20 years ago and let me read the 1st 20 pages- I can then discuss in detail every tiny thing that occured.) Reading a book the second time for me means I think there is more juice.

    Once again - we are ended with no end. You do jump ahead and see the turn out - that is done well. The last parts are very dower - she is Haymitch. But - with no hint, other than Peeta arrived - there is no romance. No forgiveness - it just sort of assumes - burnt children of fire are ok if they get in the same room.

    She is alone and forgotten - and where are those who would love her? Noplace. Peeta shows up to plant bushes one day. Nice - but ummmm - not the best of hello darlin's. No romance at all - they grew together. Blech. Gale gives up - and is too important and too maybe it's his fault - well....I can buy it. It means he never loved her. I don't like it - but it may be true.

    Here is the trouble. If you have ever hurt someone you really love - you don't just toss your hands up and throw them away because when you see them broken - you will do anything to save them. Nobody came to her during her trial - nobody - spoke to her. They waited for her to die - and she couldn't figure out how? She was pretty resorceful before. nope.
    Maybe it was solitary confinement? - Gale who loves her would have found some way. Haymitch would have too. Peeta - well he could swing with the mental infirmity. She is a symbol to the new world - they would not have broken her in silence. They need her better or dead - fix it or kill it. Half dead is not useful to them - and crazy is not the symbol of hope.

    Back to district 12 - Greasy Sae. No Mom, No Peeta, No Gale - No Annie? Nobody give a rats whisker? It is too sad to measure. What was the factor that made Peeta finally arrive? Who knows. He couldn't leave til yesterday? So don't knock - don't settle where she is. Yep it's symbolic - but I don't think the symbols work as well as a little conversation could have. Just my opinion.

    Ok, that was my two cents!

    Best line of the book ---

    "Oh, my dear Miss Everdean. I thought we had agreed not to lie to each other?"

    The perfect evil wrapped in so many shades of the fallen. Yummy!