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One flu over the fan fiction

Ok I have been sick as can be every since I got back from Dallas.  I have not even unloaded my car!!!

I have about a million things to do but sneezing and sleeping have become my total hobby.  I have not edited pictures or written anything important.  However after reading some pretty fun fan fiction, I decided to give it a go.  It is really just silly stuff my fevered brain came up with.  Anyway, I thought I would share it in case anyone felt like reading some fluffy - lemony - insanely stupid stuff.
This Is my first attempt at fan fiction ever --  I have never been much of a fan of fan fiction honestly, but I have to say that it has been a very cool writing exercise that is surprisingly harder than you would think.

My three attempts (two shorts and one long) are Hunger Games fan fiction -- The books were laying around and so I attempted two shots at cannon with a twist and one that was just a fun cannon inspired different thought on Mockingjay.  (disclaimer - I don't own the characters or derive any profit from this exercise)

Things I learned -  When character motives are not clearly defined, they can be skewed to almost any interpretation.  I have done this and felt I could justify my odd side stories with the rather obscure passages surrounding them. 
I found it challenging to try to stay in the voice that didn't come from my own imagination. 
I took my favorite character (Haymitch) and all three stories revolved around things that I felt were rather obvious in the books but never defined.  From book one I felt there was more going on with him than what appeared on the surface.  I also felt that he had much deeper feelings for Katniss then were ever explored -- so sicko nut case that I am...I explored them.

One story explores how he feels but would never act on.  One explores How he feels knowing his feelings could never be returned and the long one explores how a true romance could actually form and grow between he and Katniss.  (I know he's twenty years older and she is a minor by our standards - but I have also known people who found love in that very context so it isn't impossible.)

Please don't read them if you find May-December romance offensive and note the content ratings.  Here is where they can be found if you are interested.  Please forgive the formatting - I had no control over it - the website formats all the stories very strangely.  Also I will include a small sample of one ------

New story from Howlynn,
Title: Haymitch and Peeta talk about the Quell
Category: Hunger Games
Character(s): Haymitch A. & Peeta M.

Words: 1,806
Genre(s): Drama/Friendship
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: during CF after the quell was announced to feature victors, Katniss
was falling apart in the basement.  This is what happened between Haymitch and
Peeta.  One shot conversation.  Haymitch and Peeta in a verbal sparing match
to determine who will go.

New story from Howlynn,
Title: I will take her home
Category: Hunger Games
Character(s): Haymitch A. & Katniss E.

Words: 1,952
Genre(s): Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Rated: K+
Summary: How is it that Haymitch took Katniss home to twelve then didn't visit
her - what if there were more to the story... and there always is when
Haymitch is involved.  This is my version of stuff you didn't see happen. one

and the longer one --
Title: The Mockingjay and the Chameleon
Category: Hunger Games
Character(s): Katniss E. & Haymitch A.

Words: 35,134
Genre(s): Romance/Drama
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Gale is hot and Peeta is toast - now there is only one person who can
fix the little mockingjays broken wings.  Haymitch the clown is really a bit
of a Chameleon and Katniss wants him, what will it take for the man with the
bottle to finally hold her?

Here is a short bit of the long M rated story showing a little peek at what starts it - a misunderstanding played as a strategy reflecting the P/K romance -- yes this is a much more adult story -

I think he could pull it off with class!

I look around and am mortified to discover the entire cafeteria has heard this exchange. I can almost hear their minds clicking away at my shameful betrayal of poor Peeta who is partially responsible for their lives being saved with his warning. They all know the price he paid to give us this information. They all knew the price it cost for them to rescue him to keep the Mockingjay happy. Now, they knew I somehow soiled it. I stood up, face cold and shimmering a heated red. I took my tray of wasted food and dared the attendants to say a word.
I was soon with Haymitch, drinking and slurring a confession of what I had done and that everyone knew now. I passed out in his room and that was where I spent the night. I tried to sneak out in the morning, but immediately bumped into Gale. He saw Haymitch passed out half clothed on the couch before the door swung closed, took one look at my rumpled hair and the dark circles under my eyes, and jumped to one very stupid conclusion. "Making the rounds now are you. I waited for you." He says with disgust so vile I couldn't believe I had ever seen his face before. "Am I going to have to beat up every man under the age of sixty just to keep you?"
"You don't have me. How dare you even think I …"I can't finish realizing the hallways are busy.
It only took four hours for every single person in the district to discover that I was cheating on Peeta with my cousin and cheating on my cousin with my old mentor. I didn't dare tell anyone that Haymitch and I were sneaking liquor, beings it wasn't allowed in district 13 under any circumstances. I can't stand to see him dry out, it's worse than the drinking. So, there was no other explanation to provide in place of passing out in Haymitches room.
Coin was furious with me. She scheduled a meeting between Haymitch, Plutarch her and I. Haymitch strolled into her office looking like a Mockingjay eating cat and greeted me in such a way that there was now no doubt in her mind of what we had been up to. "Hello sweetheart, looks like we're caught once and for all this time." He leans over me and actually pulls my face to his and whispers "trust me" before kissing me like we are carrying on some secret affair.

Charlie is Haymitch
Coin collapses in her chair in disgust "Oh dear crummy hell. Well, there is no …stop that this instant! …No sense hoping the two of you will have the good taste to deny this nasty little business of yours."
"Haymitch how could you be so stupid!" Plutarch says watching us carefully.
Haymitch grins. "No, we will not deny it. Announce it to the world for all I care. I am tired of pretending."
I blush, covering my face with my hand. I can't even look at her, much less him. I peek Coin's way as she sits with her mouth open, flabbergasted. "Well this certainly explains a lot Miss Everdeen. Is this drunken old fool actually your choice? Can you say to me that this is important enough to you that I can't forbid you from…"
"Tell her sweetheart. Tell her there is nothing she can do." Haymitch holds out his hand to me.
I glare at him, having no idea what he's up too. I want to scream at him that he's making a fool of me, but at the same time, I have learned to trust him. I take his hand and kiss it. I hold it to my face and close my eyes. With a huge sigh, and near tears that are quite real at the thought of what Gale would have to say now, I follow his lead. "It's true. Since before the games."
"All this time!" Coin demands.
"No. You old dog…"Plutarch says with amused respect and almost a note of jealous approval.
"All this time? Can you imagine what I have gone through all this time? Twice now in those damned games. Can you blame me for drinking?" Haymitch says with a perfect little choke of emotion.
I stand and embrace him. "Oh Haymitch, sweetheart, don't start that again. I just got you back from your scare yesterday."
He leans into me and shudders as if near falling apart. Then he wipes his eyes and smiles at me cupping my face with his hand. "Not much more they can do to me now, aye darling?" he says, his eyes so filled with love I am almost fooled. "So, is this what you wanted to see us about, or was it something important?" He says slipping his arms around me in a familiar way as if our audience is an afterthought..
Coin leans back in her chair shaking her head. "Peeta was all an act and what about the brooding cousin?"
"Smoke. If they suspected she was mine, had even an inkling, what would the game makers have done to her?" Haymitch says smoothly. He glances at Plutarch and winks.
"So the chameleon isn't such a idiot with his money after all…" Plutarch says nearly sick with his snickering.
Coin purses her eyebrows and nods. She glares at us both and wipes her face in frustration. "Every time I think I know your song Mockingjay, it changes."
"We had a little scare back before the Quell was announced, Peeta was hoping to get me out of having to go." I add helpfully.
"And he took your place and protected her? Why?" she has me stumped.
"Well the boy loves her of course. He did, before he killed her yesterday." He smirks, and kisses my hand.
"What is that about?"
"Trying to convince him his mission is complete so they can treat him. He is finally able to be sedated which is a marvelous improvement." Haymitch explains while glancing at me and flirting with me to the point I wanted to slap him.
"You two are making me sick – get out." She waves us out of the room.
Haymitch bends me way over backwards and kisses me so long and deeply that Coin throws a shoe at us. Plutarch cracks up laughing. I resist the urge to wipe my mouth on the back of my hand.
We walk up the halls and I keep trying to ask him what he thinks he's up to, but he keeps shutting me up with his mouth on me and finally we arrive at this room. As soon as the door closes, I sock him in the chest. "What are you doing?"
He laughs. "I am saving your beloved ones from being constant targets. I am protecting your little boyfriends. Scandal travels fast and before night falls on our drunken deeds, even the capital, will be aware that I win. Now, should we loose at some point – they will use me against you and not someone you actually care about. Who knows you might even be allowed to enjoy it before your own execution."
"oh…Haymitch." I can't say more. I am so mixed up with both gratitude and shame that I can't figure out how to begin. "It won't work as well as you think."
"Lets just hope we never find out. But in the meantime you have your privacy again so long as you're careful. I do expect you to leave my chamber rumpled frequently, I do have a reputation of debauchery I must maintain, but it will buy you a little time." He smiles and pours us brown spirits. "To a long and beautiful relationship."

Ok if you happen to take a gander -- please give me a review or a comment -- I will be back as soon as I can, but having some life bombs so I won't make any real promises.

Last but not least-- Who do you think should play Haymitch and why?  Have you ever written fan fiction? Leave us a link and share if you have?



  1. Alan Rickman in Hunger Games! Love it. Looking forward to this movie - along with about a gazillion other people. :p Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Being sick after a trip is the pits.

  2. Gosh, but I hope you're feeling better. You seemed really sick. My hub came down with a similar type crud and was miserable. It lasted awhile, unfortunately.

    Enjoyed your reviews!

  3. Hey there--
    I have an award for you ...

    Great job on the A-Z challenge.

  4. I do write fanfic--it's my guilty pleasure.

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