Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All about writing...

what I wrote
If I try to explain life to friends they don't really get any of it.  If you are a writer, this will make you like turtles, or explain life better than words.  This is my version of a writer's life....I will leave the turtle metaphor to you...
what I fear my book looks like when i compare to others
I love my story, but it's hard not to think," everyone thinks they have done great....especially the crazy people."   crazy people never know they are crazy....but
what the slush pile looks like
 everyone else is very aware!
Hello...pick me!  It would be a very hard job in my view. 
what agents and editors want
Classic writing, great story, inspiration, ...... 
why my query is rejected

My view of my main characters

writers conference

my first pitch session

what my mother tells her friends i am writing

story that people keep asking me if i wrote

The hot story everyone says they are seeking!
I have never gone outside of my loves -- history, paranormal, love (not exactly romance), myth -- but every time i poke my head up it has been redefined.

What my short query says.

what my query NEEDS to say
Lol, Help before the seagulls eat me!

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