Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update on Me


We all have life bombs where we are sailing along and the world blows up in your face ....

I have had a few, lets just say Mr. Life Bomb and I have made acquaintance.

So I went to Dallas had a fantastic time got home - got sick - and the bombs began.  Just got done with those and any of you who know where I live --will know about what has happened here.

This is a before and after that gives you a tiny idea.

Our house was not in the path of this one, we only lost trees and screens and yard things, but we have so many friends who literally had a house full of stuff and now don't own a toothbrush.  My daughter and husband are working over there right now for friends who were lucky because they all made it out alive. They have no house and are still hoping to dig out one of the cars, but the things they had were not just scattered about, they were lifted away.  Other peoples unrecognisable things were left where the house used to be. This tornado went just south of us, and its friend went just north. Carthage didn't really get hit, but we are still hit because we are just up the road.  The Carthage kids were excused from school to help, because they all have family and friends who were in the path. They have teachers who live in Joplin (10 minutes away) and relatives and friends. You see things like this on television, but you don't really know what it means on a person by person level until you are in the middle of spotty cell service trying desperately to get calls in to people you know lived or worked in this path.  There are so many horrible stories, it makes your mind shut down to them as you accept each then move to the next and the next.

I may not be posting for a while, our internet is a bit over taxed by all of this.  I just wanted to let those who have emailed me know that we are fine.  We have stuff to do right now that takes priority, but the weather is finally letting us help.  Sometimes life bombs seem really big, but then a life tornado hits and puts the stupid little bombs into perspective.   Love and Hugs to everyone --- be back soon.