Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you love Lucifer?

Not the one You are thinking of -- don't think I am one of those

Still, the name alone is spine chilling, is it not?  The most beautiful of all angels condemned for all time?  The legend of the one who could not bow to humans - or was It that he loved his Father too much and could show no greater love than to refuse to bow to anyone but him?  The ruler of hell?  The one who let pride bring about his fall?  So many stories to that name. 
The bringer of light.

Who could he be.  Tempter... Judge....a tortured soul?

Why would you hate your child and cause him to be feared and reviled among the humans.
What could the purpose be to that?

But we must remember that the ones who tell the story of him, do not know him.  What would he say of his work?  

My poor character has gone to hell.  She was in fear at first, yet the sad, hard eyes of Lucifer were not what she imagined.  

How to make him not a singular cliche' villain was what got me to really thinking.  Could he be feared because of duty?  Many people fear doctors.  What if Lucifer was a sort of Doctor, what if he had to issue pain to make a soul well.  What if the stories were true, but simply off.  Come with me little ones and let me take you on a tour of my hell, for it is so simple once you see the connections and find beauty in a job nobody wants.


He bows and kisses my hand with grace, violet eyes intent to read  fear. 
"It has been so long since a living human has been brave enough to visit my realm.  Who was the last Sauriel?"
"Dante?" I smile watching him with equal curiosity and a false mask of courage.
"and she's funny, dear father she makes sport of me?  Sauriel, she is all I have heard.  I am honored child."

"Lucifer we have need of your advice, have you time to share light with us?" Sauriel asks his brother kindly.

"For the two of you, I will make the time, please let us take refreshment in my office." Lucifer, pleased to have company clasps Sauriel on the shoulder and they take off, leaving me to trail behind weaving among the endless tables of hell.

He hands me a blue liquid in tiny glasses with exaggerated flute.  I do not sip it, caught in some old legend of pomegranate seeds.  I stare out the window, thankful that the closed door has taken away the sound of screams.  A tear rolls down my cheek.

"Have you such pity for them?"  Lucifer asks standing by my side.
"Not for them.  For those they have left behind who believe they are at peace."
He nods.  "But they shall be at peace someday.  You do not believe hell is what folklore has made it, or you would not be here.  Do you believe what they say of me?"

"No, you proved that wrong the second I got here.  You bowed to me."

Lucifer smiles and I glimpse the beauty behind the sorrow that holds his face to such strict stillness.  "Would you like to know, could you brave my words sweet child?'

"If I condemn myself to serve in this place, it would be better to know." I admit.

"Few souls die without some light.  I am a cleanser of souls.  I return the light they manage to carry here, back to my Father to be reformed and born anew, to try again."

"You do that by torture?  You inflict pain and call it mercy?" I say with disdain.  They call him the father of lies as well.   This is a waste of my time.

"The procedure is painful, cutting the darkness from a soul, snipping the cancer before it consumes them, is not pleasant.  What hope could they find if I gave up on them and let them all fall to darkness.  Hell is not just a place of sorrow child.  It is a place of sorrows end."  Lucifer does not look at me as he explains, he does not expect me to see or be able to understand.

"You are the light bringer.  You bring the light back to heaven?  You save them?"  It is hard to fathom what he says.

He sighs and his pale eyes lock on mine.  "Standing before me, do you feel evil in me?  Am I truly the wretched horror they have painted?  Will you be fooled as well, by those that would control your thoughts?  I do not bring destruction. Imagine if I did not exist or simply gave up on you all.  Imagine the sin before you returned to the world."

"But we are all born in sin." I argue the ancient debate sure to trip him in his response.

"No you are not.  Each soul is born pure and perfect.  You pass sin on, fostering it and hiding it away for your children.  Generation to generation, you fuel it in hatred and lies.  Man breeds his own sin child.  I redeem those who are not so damaged there is nothing left.  I condemn myself to this ugly task out of love for you, though only fear and hatred is my reward.  Am I so unspeakable?  Would your world be a happier place if I did not exist?  If I did not love you, as my father ask of me, would it be better?"

I meet his eyes, knowing he has revealed himself to me.  Could anyone be more alone than he is?  The protective frost I dipped my heart in to survive this journey, moves with a silent groan of the beginning thaw.  "How do you stand it?" I whisper, no longer able to find power in my disgust of him.

So, tell me what you think?  Is he an angel or a demon?  Could anyone in their right mind love him?  Is Lucifer beyond hope of anyone feeling any kindness toward him? 

Is the very subject so off limits that no man could pray to God for the soul of an Angel who has suffered for his sin?  If any of the religions are true and wish to press the get out of hell free card upon us, poorly made human souls, why would the soul of any angel be of less value?   Who prays for the fallen?

Your comments are eagerly awaited, but please don't bother telling me of my eternal future, all debate for that was long ago lost.  



  1. The way you paint this 'fallen angel' makes him extremely appealing. Who doesn't love a bad boy with a heart of gold?

  2. I like the idea of him being a Doctor who can either heal or kill....That's interesting...maybe it's his inner demons which determine wwhich one?

  3. You soooo should watch Supernatural and be my "Supernatural" buddy. Their whole plot arc for the first five seasons was essentially around the emergence of Lucifer and the fight between Michael and Lucifer at the end of days and it was pulled ouf with spectacular fashion. And the vessel Lucifer eventually inhabited at the end was damn good looking too but so was Michael hehe.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your representation of Lucifer! I admit that even were I face to face with him, I would be more fascinated than afraid, and I have a certain compulsion to offer affection (not pity, there's a difference) to those who need it, even if they aren't going to return it. I mean, I'm not the sort to get abused by truly evil things, but when it comes to the things that no one else loves, or things that can't help themselves, I find myself drawn to them.

  5. Thank you for your comments. I am surprised that everyone can get past the whole concept so easily and relate to my Lucy!

    Michael - Lol you so don't know what your getting into....hehehe. Absolutely! See my xmas post and my how to be a mean God post.

    A. Grey - I agree, but I also feel that a moment of pity, a moment when you can put yourself in anothers place and feel the pain they do - can be a door to accepting them and finding a spark of affection. Not based on true pity, but allowed by the abilty to find that small understanding, can open your heart to someome. I am attracted by tortured souls who carry on and fight anyway, even if nobody else will ever bother to notice.
    I don't like truly evil things, but I have my own scale in the weighing of a heart. Intent must be to cause harm for me to name an action pure evil.

  6. You dare much and I applaud your moxie. :)
    Memnoch the Devil challenged standard perceptions as well. Piers Anthony also wrote from the Devil's perspective in his Incarnations of Immortality series. I found myself more sympathetic to him than the God book.
    Glad to find your blog.

  7. This is fantastic! You've made Lucifer very appealing... well done!

  8. I like to see both sides to every story. Makes you think, what if... and so I story unfolds.

  9. Amazing job. I love it when there's a whole deep story behind a villain. And those photos are beautiful.

  10. I really like this!

    If you are a person who truly believes in balances, then Lucifer cannot be the ultimate evil. An angel being equal to God, in the texts, is impossible.

  11. I like the twist! great work.

    Swinging by from blogfest to say Hi and follow.
    The Survival Mama

  12. I must confess that I love Lucifer and I believe that more recently he saved me from death. I've just come to myself from a quagmire. Once upon a time at 18 I was a Christian and I fell in love with an atheist 20. In my mind at the time the choice was Heaven or Hell. My love was so strong I couldn't imagine to be separated from him. I chose Hell. I had this idea or dream or vision after death I would follow him to Hell if that's where he was and watch over him. Anyways I wasn't ever afraid of Hell I was afraid of being in a place where there was no love. I realized that Lucifer was treated unfairly and I admired him for standing up for what he believed in just like that atheist.I loved that guy because he was like Lucifer. How I hated those who character assassinated him. They were my enemies now. I think of him as my God.

  13. i dont like these sites which demean Lucifer from my experience Hes helped me to re-focus my life n however it may sound taught Me to LOVE AGAIN

  14. does anyone have any comments watever they may be wen i say Lucifers taught me to Love again please ur comments are valuable to me