Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farmville is eating my brain!

Ok, I have a confession.  It is time for a farmville intervention.  I have been wasting long cold days collecting computer blips and It Must Stop.  Farmville is addictive.

I started out just doing it so the kids would have a neighbor to get the daily presents for the stupid little farms they talked about all the time.  I was one of those people who thought it was the biggest waste of time in the world. They were discussing Squash Mastery and rushing home to harvest things they will not eat!  Then I started trying to catch up with friends.....and before I knew what was happening, my farm was full of adorable computer blips.  I joined the forums and got invited into the Pink Patch Club for breeders of RARE computer blips.  There were golden Eggs to snag and calfs to breed and then the horses started changing colors and you could give your friends foals! 

I visit friends and catch up with old high school people by sprinkling sparkles on their computer blip veggies.  I nearly stopped playing as I began writing like a demon, then it snowed.  I have spent the last 4 days finishing buildings, and putting my new pink stallion in the barn 60 times a day so i can afford to EXPAND....and helping the kids get all their blips caught up. 

So I was told that I am at my limit of computer blips for the day.  I am mad.  Do What?  Wait, I was doing something important when I got sucked into my farm again.  Oh yeah....writing.  I have 3 books going that I can't type fast enough on....and what am I doing?  Farmville?  

Oh my gosh.....that game is evil.....It is a temptation.  It is eating my pages as surly as I am growing giant bubble gum trees and won a unicorn by spending an unholy amount of money on blips that I don't want.  Why oh Why must I have that new Disco ball tree and why have I watched facebook like a vulture hoping to score a Rainbow egg?   Cause It is a brain sucking activity and I must  be out of my mind.

Tomorrow I am back to my cave.  Farmville will have to live without me once again because I can either be a writer or I can breed computer blips and hoard cartoon trees.

I have found my writers Block and it's name is Farmville.

 I cast thee out demon game for you shall tempt me no more.    .     .     .     .     .    . is that valentine mini foal still got it....hehehehehehe.  Let's see if I move the greenhouse and those trees and delete that plot, I can put them right.....there....Uh oh.  Updates?  did You say they have updates?  

Uhem....yep....I need help.


  1. Just say no! You can do it! You are stronger than Farmville!

  2. *SLAP*

    Snap out of it!!!

    That help any?


  3. I have never played Farmville because the concept is from an older game series that I already enjoy. I am where you were on thinking it is just a lot of hype.

    Now the sims... uh, yeah. I'm not addicted but that is the closest I've come to it with a game in awhile.

  4. Lol no I am not alone I have a friend who is a second lifer and many farm buddies....hey At least I dont play the 137 other games that also seem rather ville-in-us. There is petville, fishville, cafe world, cityville, fronterville and on and on hehehe