Thursday, March 3, 2011

Road trip Wed at YA highway

Hey Its Road trip Wednesday at YA Highway

Course, whats a good road trip without at least one drunk showing up late?  No that was not the question.

Ok you pretend you didn't notice I lost a day and I won't pretend to be Hemingway?

The question is - If you could invent a magical/mythical creature - what would it be?
Being something of an expert on thing that don't exist (like clocks and Wednesday) I have to leave out all the critters with wings - cause somewhere it has been invented and named.  I have to rule out all the stuff that really does exist - like dragons, elves, and Nessy and discover something that does not exist - but could?
Should I mention Politicians who are not ---never mind too far fetched.

The name of my creature would be a - child who can pick up their shoes?  No.

Dolpheirinus - ( dol-fair-en-is) this magical little creature, if poor humans could see him, would look like an ordinary dolphin except he would not swim upon the water ocean but the Sea of Myth which circles the whole earth.  He is a peaceful fun filled creature who glows at night. (people glimpse them from time to time and call them spook light and fox fire)
They can color shift to match the day - on a rainy day you would see him in the purple to gray range but in the sun he is often a subtle green or sky blue.  In the spring he may shade up to white or even the colors of red-buds, pink dogwood trees or forsythia yellow.  He has few predators, being so hard to see but they do take great joy in knocking peoples hats off and making them flip and tumble away. 

The only danger they pose to anyone is that they sometimes mess up the instruments of humans planes and cause disruption to cell phone service.  On occasion they pull wires down on perfectly sunny days because they are attracted by electricity.  They tend to be masterful in flitting about thunderstorms and in fact are the cause of tornadoes and even if you see a dust devil, it is an indicator that you are watching the effects of a small pod of them.

They are safe from humans because we can not catch them.(or find them for the most part)  They are less dense than we are and can therefore simply pass through our nets, cages and other silly devices.  If you would like to see them sit quietly on a night that the fog rolls in.  As you see it seep up from the water sources near you, carefully observe the undulating texture of the vapor and you will be able to pick out the faint outlines of them playing in the mist. 


  1. Very creative--I should use something like this as an exercise to get me started tomorrow :-) Thanks!