Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today I shop.......

     Some things are just wrong......  For me shopping is just wrong.  I love pink, but classic cars should not come in that color.  If you want to wander about for six hours and insist on dragging me along, please be advised that I will sit in the man chair and hold the purses.  If you want someone who hobby shops, take Thumper. (my husband)  He likes to search for things we don't need. I like to walk, don't get me wrong, but i prefer to do it at a much faster pace than mall speed.  I like auctions, junk stores, book stores and hardware stores.......Big Box Marts, cookie cutter chains and anything that sells breakable knicky knaks....pass.  My Mom is here, so we are off to shop.  I only have to do this about twice a year, so i will survive.....I do need paper, envelopes, highlighter pens,  and a couple cases of Excedrin MYaGrain Pills....otherwise known as HowLynn vitamins.
     Beings I have a goal in mind (query letters and ripping  40 pages out of IGNITE) I am almost zen in my willingness to flash my special ID badge so they will allow me the privy-ledge of browsing the isles of Riches.  I shall smile and nod humming in my head "In camelot"  
     Has anyone noticed that on Supernatural...Sam's soul is gone?  Just sittin here in Carthage Missouri.....getting ready to go

Pink Mustangs...............they do exist.     Have a magical day!!!

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