Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do I really need more to do?

This is my first Blog.  I have no idea why I need one, but I don't need a phone either as far as I am concerned.  I now have both.  I sometimes wonder why people confess to random strangers, things they won't tell friends and family.  This feels much like that.  Nobody cares what I have to say because I am the longest winded typer in the universe.  I am a writer.  LOL, no I am not going to be famous.  Fame would take away from suffering, or cause more, but writers must suffer. 

I should be cleaning house.  My dear Mother will soon be here, and I am sitting here learning to blog instead of attending to her comfort.  I am a horrible child of 4t-ish.  Shhhhh. I am pretending, and if I do it too loud, my son will give me an exact figure.  He is a math whiz.  Lets just say I am older than rocks.....which is older than dirt.  Lava would be my age.

So my house will be trashed for Thanksgiving.  My son is not a whiz at cleaning, the opposite actually.  Now my company is here. Have a nice day.......

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