Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holly Days are Over....

The Helly....wait typo  Holly Days are done.  Hooorah!

This year was fun, because we are poor, we had to figure out something different.   We are fans of the show Supernatural, and we actually Live in Carthage, Missouri... (it has been mentioned that a certain writer may have met me, therefore settling where the devil actually resides) so we decided to have a Christmas exactly like it.  We assigned each family member a specific place to shop for EVERYone.  Ash shopped at the Parts Store.  My Mom got a casino.  Verna got the gas station.  Grey got the dollar store.  Thumper got the pharmacy.  I was blessed with the grocery store.  Every gift had to be purchased from that location....I got Grey his own CAN of chocolate syrup.  Strangely enough, we all liked some of our presents better than the expensive stuff we are used to.  I spent more time playing dominoes then i did shopping for useless meaningless junk.  Ok I know, I don't shop well and have mentioned that if you want it, it better be near the door to the store, but this was better.  I was at the grocery store for cookie makins...soooo hey not a special trip.  Sam and Dean Rock.

<-----This is Krampus, bad Santa, or my next hellyday card....depends on how the year goes!

The tree.  wanting to do the whole Supernatural thing...Thumps jumped on down to wallyMartSSSS as they say here in Missouri.  He needed to purchase the most important decoration for the tree....Christmas-tree-shaped air fresheners-----he though colorful was the way to go.  I was on farmville when the youngins started bawlin anda whinein.  I took a deep breath ta holler at em to hush up and quit makin my computer blip critters afeared with such ruckus.............when a new taste assaulted me.  The pine tree air fresheners of various scent were a new dimension of stink (sorry that is a vulgar word...stench..reek...Blecch...nope your stuck with the first choice)   Uhem.....so were we.   Our christmess tree made the entire house smell like truck stop.....LOL....yes once the taste faded a little, we did like it.   But ya know, it was funny, and everyone will remember this year, while the perfect tree and the perfect gifts fade into each other, this year is unforgettable.  Not a bad outcome beings we all spent about 20 buck each for a whole family...and 16$ to make the 5$ tree stinky.  I made an angel out of tin foil and we wadded up xmas balls out of it too, they reflected the lights reall Purddy Like Too!   Our tree had ginger bread, curly ribbon, a skoal can, toy cars,  and unmatching blue lights.  It was adorable.

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