Friday, December 3, 2010

chapter 11

Book 3, called INCINERATE for the moment.  11 Chapters since Saturday.

     My characters are off again messing up all my plans, much like real life.   I have no idea what they are up to now.  We just had a revelation about a possible reason why Natalie has her trouble with wishes.  It was foreshadowed in the first book with a mystery childhood illness that leaves her a year older than her classmates, something I have not been happy about until now.  Book two had solved the issue of her two boyfriends so perfectly, and she did the unexpected.  Book three is flying, but it would be nice if they gave me a flight plan.

    Oh well, I learned in the first 20 or so books I tried to write, that if I write, the plot falls apart from force of my demands.  I have learned to sit back and watch, typing as fast as I can and let them live, rather than suffer over character development and conflict for conflicts sake.  My innocent little teen has changed all on her own and is a very different person from the timid watcher of the first book.  She told me yesterday a term I had never heard.  She laughed and ask for a SHEWHO.   That's what i said.  A what?
Natalie gets described as She who has .....blah blah blah.  She liked what Sauriel had teased her about to make her feel better and ask if that could be one of her Shewhos.
She who scares the toenails off Lucifer, is now on her list.

     I know what she is, Seth whispered it to me.  He didn't want Set or even Malcolm to know.  Natalie won't take this well and I am not looking forward to her finding out.  Seth is being a pill in general, constantly depressing or judgemental.  He's not speaking right now, which I hate beings he's my favorite character.  His brother Set shed some light on all that is really bothering him, so I am trying to let him be, to deal with it all in his own time.  Natalie always blames herself for him being upset.  I hope Greylyn can fix Seth soon.  I miss him.

     I need to send out query letters, yes they are already written to my two first picks, but its hard to leave the story or it lurches forward and I have to catch up.  How exactly do yo get writers block?  Do your characters sit in pause mode for a bit?  I could use a couple days of it.  It would help if i could type on a laptop, that way I could move around from my cave dwelling a bit.  For me, I am sitting with the family, someone is speaking and I start getting that zoned out look.  Zombie mother returns....and another chapter pops.  Thank you family, for feeding me sometimes.

Ignite, Inferno now Incinerate.....grrr.  don't like kitchy titles......thank goodness Seth told me the next one Will not be an I word.  Told them if they say inflame or inblaze I was going to have an (I)mbolism and they could find a new typer.  See, conflict with characters....hehehe....what do you mean it's supposed to be On the page!!!
Natalie has learned to float the gears on her GTO!  Jimmy taught her.  A cheerleader with a haunted car.  I thought Jimmy would be gone by now, but he is happy and still hauntingly sweet.  The car will never be the same if he is not in the back seat, singing off key, and calming little miss "no fear" down from her three boyfriend conflict.  I tried to get her to date a human for once, but she told me to mind my own business and type.  I really thought she should at least try a real boy.  So much for my opinion. Yes Malcolm, I know your on the internet...I am heading back to my cave now.....

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